what I wore

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Tee, Gap. Skirt, made for me by Camille. Scarf, vintage. Bag, Givenchy. Heels, Aldo. Gold cuff, Forever 21.

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Top, secondhand Gap. Shorts, Levi's. Heels, Marni. Bag, Givenchy.

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Blazer, Banana Republic. Tank, American Apparel. Scarf, vintage. Shorts, Forever 21. Boots and tote, secondhand.

Well I suppose I'm good about taking the photos while I'm traveling, but not so on it with the posting..sorry! Here are a few day's worth of outfits I wore. Talk about June gloom, it was weirdly hazy/cold/humid/suffocatingly hot in the car while I was down there..I was glad to return to balmy 85 degree days! Enough useless weather talk though.

I hit up the Nordstrom half yearly sale last weekend..I didn't really mean to purchase anything and was more in the mood to stroll around aimlessly and quickly grope some material goods before hunting down a smoothie, but when I saw these very discounted Marni wedges it was all over. The patent seemed shinier than any other patent I've seen and was offset perfectly by the dusty neutral tones and sporty elastic black strap in the back. Oh yeah and that insane cliff-like edge in the back is alright too. I also spotted Camille's buckled Marnis and my god those are even better in real life.

And I know it's been ALL outfit posts lately, I'm trying to make some time to Photoshop up some fun inspiration/shopping posts. While I'm getting the store back at full force again, any vintage requests? I saw that a few of you want to see more shoe action, interesting. Do we mean vintage boots, newer heels, or just anything that's sort of cool?

Edited to add: a sweet reader let me know that I have somehow managed to make it onto the homepage?? I think it's a Swedish blogging platform, feel free to correct me. Once again wishing I understood Swedish, but the article looks fun!

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