my new/old brogues

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I've had a lot of requests lately for a jewelry post (which I will definitely do soon), so here is a closeup of one of my favorite vintage pieces. Most of the jewelry I wear is vintage, and the remainder is either from Forever 21 or things I pick up when I travel. My mom brought me back some cute silver bracelets from Paris so those have been integrated as well. I love how battered this particular cuff is..normally I hate wearing watches, somehow they feel suffocating to me, most likely because I am crazy. But the watch face here is so small that it doesn't bother me..I know zilch about watches but the brand is "Sheffield" and it's made in Switzerland so it can't be too bad..I keep on meaning to take it to a watch place to see if it can be made functional, but I've never gotten around to doing this in the two years that I've owned it. Man I'm lame. Luckily it's so un-watch-like that no one ever asks me for the time since it's set on a permanent nine o'clock...could be pretty awkward explaining to strangers that I'm wearing a defunct timepiece.

And after all that whining about my Kain order, it shipped approximately a day afterwards. Suspicious. Luckily this thing was worth the wait, I'm rather obsessed. Whatever modal is, it's so soft and thin it barely exists. I'm contemplating ordering one in black too. I also got a few Alternative Apparel burnout tops and have been wearing them in a bunch of auction photos, I highly recommend them to everyone that was asking about my Urbn white T in this post.

Pocket tank, Kain. Skirt, secondhand (bid on the same style in gray here). Shoes, vintage. Bag, Lucky Brand.

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