tears for ears

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This skirt makes me so happy I want to die. Well it's actually more of a loincloth than a skirt since it's pretty much a triangle with snaps and the rest of it is just fringe, sweet fringe. Hopefully I'm not becoming so bored with readily available merchandise that I must reference the prehistoric. Anyway, I took cover underneath with a black mini because I am not a stripper.

But that is not the focus here. I want to discuss earrings. Somewhere along the way it seems they became irrelevant, or perhaps it's just me? Aside from my peacock feather ordeals, I never even think to put them on anymore. Perhaps we are living in a time of the necklace and bangle. Not wanting to exclude entire categories from my accessorization practices, I wore this piece today, which I picked up at a thrift store years ago in a set of two. It requires no piercing, instead relying upon the shape of the ear to stay put. Belgian model and Jefferson Hack dater Anouck Lepere came out with a line of similar jewelry made of delicate chains that I remember wanting every single piece from, but for some inexplicable reason she discontinued it. A Google search only yielded the below image (of Anouck herself), from The Fashion Spot of course, but it is enough to demonstrate how beautifully ethereal her designs were. If I had known, I would have gladly sacrificed buying a couple poli sci textbooks in college for at least a few pieces..though I know I'm lucky to have found these similar-ish gold ones. Man I hate it when good things stop existing.

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Top, American Apparel. Skirt and earring, vintage. Heels, Dollhouse (thanks to Karla for bringing them to my attention!). Bag, Givenchy.

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