one man's garbage bag...

Okay it isn't actually a garbage bag. But I couldn't resist picking this could-be-mistaken-for-one skirt up at an LA thrift store last week. It's almost hopelessly trashy, but I of course wanted to salvage it and give it a chance to shine. I regard it as the horrible cousin of my sweet vintage leather skirts (bid on a more acceptable skirt here) and AA lamé ordeal, but I honestly have no clue what it's composed of...vinyl? Yeah no clue. So, in a very Blog de Betty-style multiple outfit post, here are the incarnations I came up with.

The kit:

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Vintage boots, Forever 21 leather jacket, hat, and sweater, Balenciaga bag, Jeffrey Campbell heels.

The experiments:

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Right off the bat, I wanted to make it pass for casual wear alongside these battered vintage boots and obnoxious hat. I for some inexplicable reason liked the pairing of the shine and the leather jacket, though I assume most would..not. But then all of a sudden I pictured Lohan wearing similar garb, which kind of ruined it. It also bothered me that the hat looks like it came as part of a matching set with the tank top. Moving on.

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My mummy heels are already proving to unexpectedly make sense with a lot of different looks (see here and here), and to imagine I was doubting the army green! This silhouette is hardly progressive but I love it. Would wear.

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Tucked in, more fabric..err vinyl real estate is exposed. I would perhaps save this incarnation for when my boyfriend is around. No one bothers me when I am with him.

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Have I ever worn a sweater on this blog? I am suddenly thinking not. Especially not one of the turtleneck variety. I actually own a lot. This is one of my favorites, not least because when I hold it up it looks like a gigantic knit plus sign. It takes actual seconds to decide which hole to put my head through.

Next up:

Additionally, I am agonizing over a vest situation...I need to keep this right?

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