chloé chloé chloé

They came! I opened the Yoox box savagely, nervously wondering if I had ordered the right size. I slipped one on and panicked..were they a smidge too big? My heart stopped as all my dreams of triple strap glory threatened to disintegrate, so I anxiously took them off and gave them some space to breathe while I rooted around in some random boots for a thick gel insole. This proved to do the trick..and they are even lovelier in real life than I had imagined. I don't have too many pairs of designer shoes (4 or 5? I think all Marc), and I mostly spring for the trickle down versions, but there's something about the thick textured leather and sturdy detailing that makes me want to lick them. Good thing too, cause otherwise I would be pretty annoyed that they're now $100 cheaper than when I bought them. I really should stop looking this stuff up.

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Check out Clem's fun drawing of me..she captured the gladiators pretty well. Thank you Clem!

Dress, vintage. Hat, Forever 21. Heels, Chloe.

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