Mice on toast and watermelon juice

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T, Urban Outfitters. Skirt, vintage. Bag, Balenciaga. Heels, Jeffrey Campbell.

Okay by this time I was getting sick of everything I had packed. Really, really sick, or more specifically, impulse purchase vulnerable sick. So after dragging a tireless man friend around Robertson Blvd. (the day of the Chanel opening!) and becoming thoroughly depressed by the Givenchy and Chloe shoes and Chanel sunglasses I couldn't afford, I went into LF for some friendlier prices and bought these Jeffrey Campbell mummy-esque (in the wrapped zombie way) Proenza knockoffs. Do note that they are weirdly much cheaper at Nordstrom, I've been had! Oh well. I like the army green enough to almost not be bitter.

We found this pretty park in Culver City after excitedly parking nearby to go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, only to find that it didn't open till 2. I suppose it was foolish to expect such an establishment to operate on a normal schedule, and we decided it was most likely run by vampires. We killed time in the park until it opened, daintily sipping watermelon juice and raspberry lemonade. But the wait was well worth it. Let me tell you, it was the oddest, most WTF-inducing experience I've had in a while..everything from taxidermied rabbits to real mice corpses on toast (seriously) to an entire room dedicated to the fine art of cat's cradle and microscopic artwork done in the eyes of needles, all in an eery almost pitch black environment. LA people need to grab their weirdest friends and check this out (and make sure to linger in the Soviet space dog gallery and tea room upstairs!). I told my friend that he should plan on taking all future first dates there to test their taxidermy stamina. He calmly responded that he had already planned on doing so.

Note that this is what my hair looks like when I haven't touched a hairbrush for three days, I of course managed to forget this extremely necessary device before driving up. Then I foolishly sprayed this weird salt spray in it, which only served to tangle even further. It took some serious muscles to brush it out when I got home, which was kind of a shame, since I'm pretty sure I was forming my first authentic dreadlocks.

A huge thank you to R the Friar for his immaculate hosting skills and teaching me the glory of Guitar Hero. I guess I need an X Box now.

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