denim again and again

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Mmmm...medium wash denim..I guess I'm pretty into it right now. I was feeling an urge to wear this geeky dad shirt today, along with this Moroccan belt that overstayed it's welcome back in '04. I'd found it in my closet in a bag along with 15 other belts I forgot I had and wondered if it could be made new again. Which, of course, meant that floaty dresses and skinny jeans were out of the question. Luckily, bandage skirts seem to solve most of my fashion problems these days.

Oh and I know I have some terrifying roots going on..I'm trying to figure out what to do about it/not really caring. Plus, my brother informed me that he "always thought roots looked kind of cool". Yeah.

Watch cuff and belt, vintage. Shirt, secondhand. Skirt, Forever21. Bag, Old Navy. Sandals, Urban Outfitters from a couple summers ago.

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