Back to basics

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Ahh everyone's favorite top...simple but brilliant. And perfect for constructing a look when it's @#$*&)@#* too hot to think. I love that it can dress down mostly anything (in this case monumental mirrored heels), and it's a favorite with my first love, denim shorts. This is definitely an outfit that's so simple it can be tinkered with in numerous ways and still be quite fun...Chucks, oversized vintage clutch, woven wedges, tights, studded anything, annoying hat, duh white tshirt, etc. I love basics.

And, my friends, it is a fateful day for me, I have scored a place on the homepage of The Fashion Spot. I'm more than a little stunned to see myself in the cover story flash animation alongside such internet giants as Susie Bubble. I've been lurking and posting there since..2004 or some crazy year, and sort of feel life would not be worth living without it. My frequent forum action has even caused fights with my boyfriend. Kind of sick. Not sure if I mean that in the good way or the bad way. So anyway, THANK YOU TFS!

Top and skirt, American Apparel. Bag, Lucky. Heels, Nine West. Necklace/headband, Banana Republic.

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