separate simulacrum

ph. by my friend Chris

One of my all time favorite thrifted sweaters. Sorry for the smugface, it's more of a grimace due to almost breaking myself leaping onto this strangely rock hard "couch". Sometimes you just expect a little more give. I know I've posted this sweater before a couple times but I'm just really excited about my new toy the pseudo-Polaroid Fuji Instax. Bought after giving up on finding un-expired Polaroid 600 film and being hit with a grim sold out on all fronts situation at The Impossible Project. I took a few of Chris at various angles and advised him to write his number on them and hand them out like credit card-sized photographic candy to females preceding the exchange with a "You're welcome", but his hidebound scope prevented him from seeing this plan through. Ok maybe I give really bad advice (this). OR it would have been an effective way to sift through those unequipped with a sense of humor. Whichever. People are way too on guard anyway. Including me. So, in summary, I have led you in a pointless circle. Sorry about that. But yes I like my new camera.

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