and I think there's a reason at least there's a sign

ph. by Colin
(vintage silk double breasted blazer, American Apparel bull denim shorts, vintage leopard print belt, random nude fishnets, LD Tuttle boots, Noir/vintage/F21 jewelry)

In beautiful Julian..lately when the weekend hits all I feel like doing is driving far away, doesn't matter in what direction. I wish Mexico was more of an option but the border just hasn't been safe lately. So it's been a while since that's happened. The fact that most of the town was closed for a reason we never found out and the unreal cutting wind made it feel even more remote..and the fact that we didn't interact with a single person out there. I found the blazer a while ago at a thrift that it has the boxy oversized cut of any other thrift store blazer but it takes on the softer feel of a top in this cream silk. Also stuck some crystals at the inner corners of my eyes with glue of questionable safety. Who else wants to hang out for a month or so at the barn/trailer compound? There's even a defunct post office right by it to play in.

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