light as a feather stiff as a board

ph. by Colin
(thrifted fuzzy sweater, UO ruffle shorts, Swan Diamond sock garters, Target thigh highs, Miu Miu satin platforms, Pamela Love rope earrings, cross ring, and cage ring courtesy of Bona Drag, OPI polish in Light My Sapphire)

Wearing a fistful of shiny new accessories. Turns out simultaneously clutching a golden skull and a droopy turtleneck is a great way to demonstrate what rings you are wearing. I mean that as facetiously as I can when actually posting these photos. The cage ring hasn't come off since I received it last week..the fully functional hinge brings me a little bit closer to cramming as much metal on my fingers as Karl does. A zoomed in look at his rings during a random YouTube video of him I watched a while ago revealed he had every usable bit of surface area covered...over his trademark leather gloves if I remember correctly. Impressive.

Otherwise: eBay-ed back issues of The Face, creepy fuzzy 90s sweater that became even more questionable when I washed it on all the wrong settings, pale pink elastic sock garters, navy nails, and the last inch of a leftover Valentine's Day candle.

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