(vintage slipdress and faux fur, H&M tights, Aldo heels, Alexander Wang bag, Clover web bracelet)

The other day after Target we were in the middle of making some guacamole when our friend Dave called to invite us to his dinner party and put his hotel room to use...I switched out the messy cardigan for this huge faux fur I thrifted a couple weeks ago, pulled on some tights, and re-braided my hair a little differently. As you can see Dave took a liking to the jacket, probably partially because the hotel was FREEZING and partially because the thing is amazing. There was a lot of overall petting. I'm glad I put it to use for a few hours because this heat wave hitting here right now is eliminating the option of bringing it out again anytime soon. The hotel had some pretty cool modern design going on but the coed bathroom complete with hidden stall doors impressed Colin and me the most. The perfect combination of being potentially awkward and kind of sexy.

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