living in lover

(Lover top, Forever 21 necklace, secondhand Calvin Klein shorts, Aldo boots)

(same top and shorts, Chanel mirrored wedges)

Top of the week. As in wore it every day. I haven't embraced this peasant blouse loving side of me for a while but this thing is just perfect. Say hi to Bijou, the cat that never appears in photographs because he hates being touched almost as much as he hates being anywhere but on top of the fridge or under the bed. But about one morning a week he wakes us up in the most loving and sweet way possible and even does us the honor of making fur to skin contact. Strange animal.

I'm not sure how many of you will remember how well I loved my blue Nine West knockoffs of these Chanels but I scored them for a killer deal on eBay from the same girl that sold me the Balenciagas..I simultaneously think she's insane for letting them go and that I could not possibly thank her enough for doing so. But yeah just ignore the bird crap reflecting off of them in the photo. Cats > birds.

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