there was one moment when I wanted to burn this paper

(Elizabeth and James earrings, Forever 21 necklace, bf's wifebeater, UO Bulldog jeans, RVCA sweater, Balenciaga sandals, Alexander Wang backpack)

All my favorite basics in one dose. We took these before leaving for the weekend..random circumstances ended up with me not getting home till 1 that night and the shoes held up until the last hour, when I required a piggyback ride home courtesy of one of my best friends. Cork should become friends with more heels. I get a lot of question about how tall I am - I'm 5'7" and therefore an approximate 6' in these particular shoes. Do I feel too tall? Well a majority of my friends are guys 6'1" and above and though they threaten to drop me off at the strip club when I wear my more outlandish footwear choices I still end up feeling pretty damn small because of them. Works out.

Colin totally owned his photo shoot yesterday..thanks to Scott Nathan and Kat from Urban Decay for being so rad to us.

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