candy aisle

(vintage slipdress, random scarf, UO men's cardigan, Aldo boots, Alexander Wang bag, Pamela Love cross ring)

Something new, right? No really, we were going to get blog shots in after shopping for essentials..which ended up being way more than essentials..why is it impossible to get out of this store without spending at least $50? But then Colin had the idea to just go for it on the spot.

On just about the exact opposite side of the excitement spectrum from shopping for batteries and paper towels, I have the extreme honor of going to New Zealand fashion week after hitting New York in September courtesy of Front Row Diary..I'll be tagging along with FRD's editor Anna for all the excitement and meeting up with my friends from Stolen Girlfriends Club. And admiring nature's bounty of course. Yes!!!! I am so excited. Though it's looking like I'm going to have to find some actual dresses to wear next month. Time to start hunting.

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