(American Apparel sexuali-tee, Forever 21 stirrup leggings, Zara leather jacket, vintage belt and bag, Dolce & Gabbana wedges)

Trotting back to my car after lazily eating a 4:00 lunch on Sunday at one of my favorite restaurants. Mahi-mahi sandwich on sourdough with avocado always works. I know this is probably the most basic of silhouettes ever and possibly more reminiscent of my style last year but somehow this belt and these wedges embolden me to water everything else down. Pieces like these are so ideal for mornings when I stare at my closet blankly, unwilling to sift and shove hangers around. Which actually happens a lot. Best quick fix is to zero in on one thing and force yourself to construct around it. If crawling back into sheets still warm from body heat isn't an option, of course. Which it really should be more often.

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