mercury rising

(vintage jacket and silver dress, Target tights and headband, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Alexander Wang bag)

Both metallic and supershort (not afraid to say that I found it in the shirt section of the thrift store), this thing is an instant mood lifter and probably the only "liquid look" I'm interested in right now. Spent the weekend balancing working on a few projects and having the normal mindless fun. Also went up to RVCA late last week - finished up my hangtags and picked out the exact nude (and possible prints..) that the Machinery dress is going to come in and did some shopping around there..picked up the Comme des Garcons wallet of my dreams at The Lab with one of my favorite humans in the world Chris and some crazy old vintage belts and a cashmere button front hoodie with my beautiful Kristin at her favorite vintage store in Huntington. Now time for bed before true delirium sets in.

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