night as princess mononoke

I was toying with the idea of being Edie but the hair was holding me back..wig = too much effort. Happening upon my friend Chris' fake blood he had left in our downstairs bathroom from his motorcycle accident costume last year, the image of a bloody faced Princess Mononoke/San came to mind. The movie is set in early Japan...hardly your average princess, San was raised by wolves and rejected human society even after experiencing true love. Hardcore. Basically, you should watch the movie if you haven't already. Unfortunately this idea struck me a few hours before I needed to actually be in costume so it really isn't perfect..and prepartying at the house didn't help cause I just kept on piling on the accessories.

What I ended up with: random borrowed costume dress + cheap neckpiece from Halloween store + LD Tuttle boots topped off with ripped up and stapled faux fur bits + vintage belt and hooded coat + furry hood from the inside of a jacket I haven't worn forever + cuffs from Kristin + Forever 21 eyelashes I bought on a whim months ago + the blood that I tried avoiding getting near my mouth after discovering it tasted disgusting. Thanks to our buddy (with the metal breastplate and real sword he welded into its sheath himself to make sure it wouldn't be drawn) for lending Colin some matching attire even after I tried to convince him there's no boy version of this costume. Silly boys. I ended up deciding he was my wolf brother. Oh and yeah, the blood got everywhere.


  1. it's not a cigarette, it's a straw..I don't know how many times I've said I don't smoke but I don't..I hate cigarettes..but I love straws
  2. no one here is mocking pimps, Romans, Japanese feudalism, milk drinkers, any facet of American culture. or wolves that adopt humans
  3. sorry for the meat market
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