cross your heart

(Alexander Wang cardigan, Ray-ban Retro Cat sunglasses, vintage dress and Chanel bag, H&M lariat necklace, Dolce & Gabbana wedges)

The air was so dry today that my hair dried stick straight and no amount of product seemed to do anything to it. I have very situational hair to the point that it's not really worth it to try to make it do anything so I gave up after a couple clumsy pawings. Did some wandering around downtown San Diego as the sun set (note the lightning fast loss of light), found a dog that ignored me, and fell for Domo-Kun marketing. In all honesty the downtown here is pretty worthless aside from a few restaurants..but maybe I'm just spoiled being right by the beach with everything I need in a mile radius. In any case, I'll be in LA and San Francisco in the next couple weeks so YAY.

And clothes etc etc I LOVE my new rather dramatic Wang cardigan and have finally found a new pair of sunglasses to cherish/smash into tiny purses/lose in my car. Becoming more and more obsessed with black and gold and haven't taken off this sideways cross second Etsy purchase ever. Place still kind of freaks me out and I've grown pretty attached to eBay. I can really only take so many websites that require registration especially since I always try to top my last cleverly obscure password to keep things interesting for myself.

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