(Rumi for RVCA Triad tank, H&M bra, Balenciaga cuff, vintage lace jacket, UO jeans, Ashish for Topshop boots)

We were bummed about Friday's and Saturday's rain at first but then ended up having a ton of fun shooting in it. I'm so excited to finally post one of the pieces that I designed for RVCA, the Triad Tank. It's set to be available through my blog starting spring '10 and then through RVCA subsequently. I really wanted to do something comfortable with a kind of fluid drape to it, a basic that could be worn with everything but still had a distinct look. I've been wearing it a ton in the past couple months and will fully vouch for the fact that the hem solves awkward leggings issues, can be worn with shorts without looking pants-less due to the open sides, and makes for a much less bulky half-tuck. Part II coming soon..

Other: also wearing the piece I posted a couple weeks ago from La Dama (new shop, really good jewelry selection), the lace jacket I found at a thrift store, and the first run in the Ashish boots was good. They're almost bouncy. Successfully talked Kristin into buying them in black at the store. Which I've visited's like Candyland, really.

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