the other side

(Forever 21 necklace, vintage tshirt and coin clutch, Deadly Ponies bracelet, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop suede ankle boots)

Patiently waiting for the Stolen Girlfriends Club show to begin. I ended up wearing this there by accident because I didn't have time to paw through my mile high stack of clothing at the Westin...though now that I think about it my bedraggled attempt at glamour probably made more sense at night anyway. Somehow I manage to be late for everything even when relying (accurately!) on everything to be late anyway. The show taking place both after dark and later on in the week made its different location really refreshing...after running through the rain we all crammed into a musty humid room and milled about happily before being handed jars of wine and slowly making our way upstairs to where the runway was set up. Beautiful beautiful show, ran around some more, chatted with the lovely Melinda and Zara from No magazine, changed into a dress I had stuffed into Colin's backpack, did a massive group order at the McDonald's drive-thru, and headed to the afterparty. Thank youu to Marc Dan and Luke for being such rad hosts and for the best dinner the next night. NZ seafood is freakishly good.

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