seems to whisper to her when he smiles

(T Alexander Wang tshirt dress, Zara belt, Aldo platform sandals, vintage necklace and rings, Ray-bans, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

I used to not go anywhere without a low slung really wondering why I stopped wearing a style that lets you adjust and hoist up any hemline so easily. Not that this dress needed any hoisting but sometimes I can't help myself. I got this belt in San Francisco last winter during an overly anticipated Zara trip (always get amped to enter that store since the closest one to me is a couple hours away) and never expected to get so much use out of it..might be on the lookout now for a chain belt while thrifting now. The love for the longish knits continues..I had and lost this exact cardigan and had the extreme fortune of finding it secondhand for what can only be described as dirt cheap.

Picked up a laptop case (finally), a leopard print sweater, OPI's matte Russian Navy, and a weird amount of pieces at Bebe this weekend. Worrisome I know. I'm really more excited about iEmoji and shooting with No magazine in New Zealand later in the month. For now hoping to fill the rest of the long weekend with sand, Peruvian food and attaining some level or organization around here before it's too late.

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