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A lot of you have asked for a makeup post which I haven't tackled until now because I literally know nothing about it. I do all kinds of horrifying things like brushing my hair when it's wet, putting mascara on my bottom lashes, and piling on the eyeliner when I'm drunk, as well as almost completely ignoring the fact that department store makeup exists. Oh well here goes - my favorite products. And if you're wondering where Colin's stuff goes, he has long since banished himself to the downstairs bathroom, even when I insisted it was unnecessary. Girls are evil.


  • LOVE Wet'n Wild's Mega Liner liquid eyeliner..user friendly and it's like $2 or something ridiculous
  • Maybelline waterproof Volum' Express mascara, no problems when it comes to this stuff
  • e.l.f.'s eyelash curler is amazing and again, really cheap
  • I have YSL's Touche Eclat, but I'm not so convinced it's worth the hype? Probably wouldn't buy it again..maybe (probably) I'm just not using it right.
  • eyeshadows are something I used to experiment with more, now I kind of just go without or rotate a few - Urban Decay in Roach, this perfect slate gray that I bought at a drugstore in Tokyo, and Wet'n Wild in Toasted (really good neutral) favorite dark is just a charcoal one by Nu Skin..I use a lot of Nu Skin because my family gets it for free through a family friend, they also make my favorite pencil eyeliner and the best vitamins..okay off topic.
  • I'm really boring in this department, pretty much just a balm girl..but my favorites are Aquaphor and Perfumeria Gal tins. I'm way too lazy to find a red lipstick that "works for me" or whatever. Sometimes I'll go for a clear gloss but always regret it when my hair sticks to my lips in the wind..
  • I swear by Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar and Oil of Olay daily moisturizer, sometimes mixing in a little Benefit That Gal for an extra glow
  • To exfoliate I use those little buff sponges in the shower once a week, which is easier than a messy scrub and seems to work just as well
  • Nu Skin's Glacial Marine Mask is great to use now and then, and Neosporin is the single best thing for blemishes
  • Physicians Formula Illuminating Veil is my go-to for more of a done look..I totally messed up and said Prescriptives a couple posts ago but I meant this stuff, sorry!
  • Favorite highlighters/bronzers are Milani's Glimmer Stripes in Honey Glimmer and Benefit 10 for being pre-mixed
  • I use whatever random shampoo/conditioner I pick up at Target or wherever, most of the time Garnier or Pantene. One of my main issues is that I have fine hair but a lot of it so it tangles like mad - I only brush it after I shower when it's still wet because otherwise it's just a mess. And I know that every beauty magazines proclaims this is the worst thing you can do but I don't know any way around it. You see again why it's so ridiculous for me to write a beauty post.
  • After I'm done struggling with that routine I blow dry it for a minute so it's not sopping wet and then spray in Sunsilk's Waves of Envy for texture. It dries wavy or straighter depending on the I never really know how my hair's going to look. One of you actually suggested it might be fun to straighten it for a day which I agree with but ahh I left any styling tool I might own at my parent's house months ago. Sigh.
  • Lately I've been using Soap and Glory's stuff, I like the Righteous Butter moisturizer and use the Almond Oil Body Gloss when I go out at night bare-legged. I'm not sure it does anything but it's kind of fun to spray on.
  • Favorite nail colors are OPI's My Private Jet, Got the Blues for Red, Light My Sapphire, and You Don't Know Jacques.
  • The only perfume I've used in months is Stella McCartney's roll-on fragrance, it's fresh and never overpowering
Well that's pretty much everything being utilized in my medicine cabinet and beyond right now..sorry for the extremely random nature of the practices that have become my routine.

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