the hole thing

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(Topshop sweater, American Apparel mesh bodysuit, RVCA shorts, Aldo wedges, Luxeshop talon necklace)

Both Wang and Isabel Marant are to thank for introducing the idea of sweats being appropriate for wearing outside the yeah pretty comfortable.

The breakdown:

  • FINALLY wearing the Topshop sweater I bought last year, it reminds me of horrible as that movie is I'm totally into the idea of looking like an apocalyptic pirate. Favorite part = sticking my thumbs through the holes.
  • mesh bodysuit is perfect under most everything
  • I cut off these shorts to make them more me, ie. microscopic
  • Thanks to Lisa from luxeshop for the talon necklace, check out her shop to see the cool details
  • These Aldo wedges are ridiculously comfortable due to adjustable tie straps and the slightly lower than usual heel..must try with tights
  • Really wishing I was in Hawaii right now..chilling on an empty beach with Colin on the North Shore in a non-existent bikini with a stash of hurricane popcorn before getting caught in a tropical downpour..okay daydreaming over..
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