texas tuxedo

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(Unionbay jacket, Levi's shorts)

Colin and I are in frenzied squirrel mode packing and getting all those zillion last minute things done - our flight to Paris is tomorrow and I'm exciiiited. Though figuring out how to pack for temperatures that are about half what they are here is freaking me out a little bit. It's really a shame on the suitcase front that everything wooly, fuzzy, and even vaguely warm is hopelessly bulky, especially when massive wedges are being prioritized. What better time to get all my nostalgic Americana outfit desires out of the way, right? This fur hood I detached from a jacket I haven't worn for a few years much to Colin's amusement..I kind of love it.

If you have any recommendations for shops or restaurants in Paris please share! I haven't been since a family trip that shopping-wise only extended to Printemps, Agnes B., and H&M.

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