times square opening

Wearing pretty much Forever 21 everything, D&G wedges

Some shots from the Forever 21 preview party (and one from the next morning) - things started off surreally with a walk by the campaign bus on the way in..there was an editor's hour previewing new pieces, sipping champagne, and marveling over the cab parked at the bottom level and the 90,000 square feet the store covers...progressed into a packed house and a performance by The Virgins. I had a ton of fun and got to see a lot of my favorite faces..thanks F21 for having us! See more shots on their blog here - I'm at the Salt Lake City airport right now so I only have a few photos that I was able to upload before leaving my house this morning..but there are defintely more to come. Heading to Tokyo for a few photo shoots that I'm super excited about..just gotta get through this interminable layover first..I think my next step is wandering around in hopes of finding a Jamba Juice.

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