almost dark

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(American Apparel mesh dress, Bakers boots)

  1. Colin shot this for Next a little while ago and I really like how the lighting came out..I still can't believe how amazing he's become with the camera
  2. Eyeing this ring to round out the collection for summer
  3. An obscenely hot weekend+ and I've been loving every second of it..been attached rather strongly to a 90s tie dyed top, a sort of haphazardly fashioned loose cutout dress, and my newly bleached out denim shorts..we made sure to ride down to the beach every possible chance that we invented
  4. I think I hate all printers
  5. My friend (we'll call him Halloween Chris here) is convinced that a group trip to Australia needs to occur soon and I'm starting to agree
  6. Some fun planned with Metal mag today

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